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«Sammen i praksis»- Interprofessional learning for students in clinical practice

The Department of Pharmacy has since 2016 participated in a collaborative project between four of the faculties at the University of Oslo. The project focuses on interprofessional learning. The aim of "Sammen i praksis" is to give students from different health care educations the opportunity to learn together, and from each other in clinical practice.

group work

"Sammen i praksis" (SamPraks) was initiated by the Department of Pharmacy. The participating students come from educations in advanced geriatric nursing, medicine, pharmacy, clinical nutrition, odontology and psychology.


In recent years, the Norwegian Health Authorities has released guidelines to strengthen interdisciplinary work in health care, and there is a need to implement these into the HCP’s curriculum. SamPraks is UiOs response to these requirements.

What is SamPraks?

This autumn we offer SamPraks for the fifth time. On October 16th a total of 24 exited students from the participating educations met for a kick off of this autumn’s clinical practice. In groups, comprising one student from each of the HCP educations, the students will have their practice at a nursing home in Oslo, being responsible for assessing one resident.

The assessment will be performed through interprofessional collaboration and will be carried out in the resident’s room. This gives the students the opportunity to observe each other while interacting with the resident, and to reflect upon professional and ethical approach. A tutor and a nursing home physician will assist the students.

The assessments performed include:

  • Clinical examination
  • Medication review
  • Cognitive status
  • Nutritional status
  • Social issues
  • Auxiliary needs

The students will write a synoptic report, prioritizing measures for further treatment of the resident.

Approximately one week thereafter students, lecturers and staff from the nursing home meet, and the students present their findings.

In addition to our own faculty, participating faculties are The Medical Faculty, the Faculty of Dentistry and The Faculty of Social Sciences. The nursing homes in Oslo municipality are important collaborators in the project.

What do the students say about SamPraks?

Students who have participated in SamPraks state that the learning outcome by observing and interacting with students from other health care educations was substantial. They learned about the others and got more confidence about their own role. They also learned to communicate with other professionals.

The students describe how their perspectives were broadened observing how other professionals made their assessments. The students appreciated that their assessments were valued by the rest of the group. Lastly, they learned about how the health care sector is organized, and who they might contact after they have graduated, when in need of advice.

By Liv Mathiesen
Published Nov. 1, 2018 10:56 AM - Last modified Nov. 1, 2018 10:58 AM