Department seminar and Christmas party December 13 2018


The annual Department seminar and Christmas party will take place on beautiful Bygdøy Gjestestuer Thursday December 13. Please note the date.


12.00-13.00    Lunch

13.00-14.15    The State of the Department (Budget projections, improving our programmes)

14.15-14.30    Break

14.30-15.30    A Centre for Research-based innovation (SFI); Tarjei
                       Plan S - Open access; Tore

15.30-15.50    Break with cake ("sveler")

15.50-16.50    Group work; meet in plenary. Participants choose group themselves.
                        Group 1: Research at the Department (Collaboration, comments at                                      early stage, ERC grants, etc).

                        Group 2: Recruitment of students (bachelor, master, international, which                              measures?).

                        Group 3: The master programme (course content, applications,                                             missing parts, missing courses, "peer contact", etc). 

                        Group 4: Teaching (podcasts - how and why, exercises, too difficult?,                                       exams).

16.50-17.15      Results from group work presented and discussed in plenary.

17.30-18.30      Apertif

18.30 -              Dinner

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  • Take bus "30 Bygdøy" westbound from City Hall (Rådhuset) or Solli Plass. Exit the bus on the "Kongsgården" stop. Buses leave every ten minutes and travel time is around 10-15 minutes. Suggested departure is 11:37 or 11:47 from City Hall (Rådhuset). 
  • For returns, buses leave every 10-20 minutes and the last regular bus leaves Kongsgården just before midnight.
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