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Coronavirus: Information for PhD fellows and postdoctoral fellows at The Faculty of Educational Sciences

Information about the right to care allowance and extension of appointment.

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Scheme with the right to care allowance

In connection with the covid-19 pandemic, parents can receive care money to stay home with children when schools and kindergartens are closed. Since the situation around the covid-19 pandemic is unclear and the care allowance days can be used up, the regulations for care allowance have been changed for 2020. The changes are based on the Temporary Regulation on exemptions from the National Insurance Act and the working environment law in connection with the covid-19 pandemic.

Number of care allowance days

The maximum number of days of care allowance under section 9-6 first and second paragraphs of the National Insurance Act is doubled for the calendar year 2020, cf. section 4-3 of the regulations.

The number of days is doubled both for parents who have an ordinary quota of ten days and for parents who have extended the quota. The new rules apply for the calendar year 2020.

Registration of absence in the HR portal

Employees must continuously register absence in the HR portal. It is stated in the usual way whether the absence is due to one's own illness or care for one's own children.

Right to extended appointment

Scholarships and postdoctoral candidates may, according to the Regulations on conditions of employment for positions as postdoctoral fellow, fellow, scientific assistant and specialist candidate, be extended employment for absence due to their own illness or necessary care for their own children.

The regulations require two consecutive weeks of absence before extension is granted.


UiO is aware of the particularly vulnerable situation of the PhD fellows, and has prepared guidelines for the extension of fellows as a result of the closed university and the corona situation.

Given the special situation that has arisen, UiO - as long as schools and kindergartens are closed as a result of the covid-19 pandemic - waive the requirement that the absence must have been continuous. Extension will be granted for any absence due to illness or care for one's own children.

Other extension of the fellowship period

For scholarships, the regulations provide that the faculty may in special cases extend the employment period for conditions that have hindered the progression of the doctoral program. Such conditions can be special care loads (cf. information given above), but also other unforeseen obstacles of an occupational nature for which the fellow cannot be blamed. When such conditions result in a delay, an extension of the period of employment may be granted, provided that the doctoral candidate will be able to complete the doctoral program within the extension period.

Application for an extended PhD or postdoctoral period

Employees in recruitment positions who believe they are entitled to an extension of the appointment period send an application for this to the employer. Application is sent to with copy to department / center manager.

Applications or requests for such extension will be considered individually. It is stated in UiO's common guidelines which factors will be particularly emphasized.

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