Persons tagged with «Research Methods»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Jensenius, Francesca Refsum Professor +47 22842060 Comparative Politics, Political Economy, Inequality, Elections, India, Latin America, Research Methods
Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn Associate Professor +47 22856952 +4790948254 (mob) 90948254 English, American Studies, United States, USA, American History, American Politics, Social History, Gender, Women's history, Gender history, Race, Racism, American culture, Film, Interracial Relationships, Sexuality, Marriage history, Research Methods, Memory, Americans in Norway
Miljeteig, Kristina Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22845273 Research Methods, Developmental psychology, Neuroscience
Ni Bhroin, Niamh Researcher +47 45410967 +47 45410967 (mob) Media Innovation, Social Media-Innovation, Media and communication, Social media, Children and Media, Minority Languages, Participation, Media Use and Users, Research Methods, Research Ethics, Digital Media Literacy
Pershina, Raissa Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22852535 Entrepreneurship, Digitalization, Digital innovation, Interdisciplinary team work, Product development, Research methods, Organizations
Rolland, Knut-Helge Ronæs Associate Professor +47 92882331 digitalization, digital innovation, digital platforms, agile software development, large-scale IT projects, IT governance, Research methods, Theory, Information systems