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Staff members at UiO: Management and Support Units (LOS) - Page 15

Persons 351 - 375 of 938
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Jan Arve Holth Holth, Jan Arve Senior Executive Officer +47-22857758 Admissions
Holth, Jan Arve Senior Executive Officer +47 22857758 Admissions
Picture of Jon Aksel Horgdal Horgdal, Jon Aksel Senior Executive Officer +47 22858389
Picture of Marianne Horgen Horgen, Marianne Senior Executive Officer +47 22854124 Personnel administration, Recruiting, Employment, Absence, Leave of absence
Picture of Gunnar Horrigmo Horrigmo, Gunnar Senior Engineer +47 22852487 +4799019414
Picture of Jan Hovde Hovde, Jan Works Coordinator +47 22845562 +47 97763180 Maintenance and Operations, Building maintenance
Picture of Magnus Hovland Hovland, Magnus Senior Engineer +47 22852518 +47 95845583
Picture of Joakim Hovlandsvåg Hovlandsvåg, Joakim Senior Engineer +47 22840195 +47 41663174
Picture of Metta Huke Huke, Metta Higher Executive Officer +47 22854874 Copying, Printing
Picture of Elin Agathe Hult Hult, Elin Agathe Senior Adviser +47 92613241
Hussain, Syed Misam Executive Officer Information centre
Picture of Grete Olsen Husø Husø, Grete Olsen Senior Adviser +47 22857957 +47 93454057
Picture of Khang Huynh Huynh, Khang Section Manager +47 22840150
Picture of Nina Hvistendahl Hvistendahl, Nina Section Manager +47-22855372 +47-91600652
Picture of Torjus Håkestad Håkestad, Torjus Head Engineer
Picture of Tony Håndstad Håndstad, Tony
Picture of Sven Høgdahl Høgdahl, Sven Senior Adviser +47 22845330 +4799576812
Picture of Thor Høgås Høgås, Thor Head Engineer
Picture of Thor Høgås Høgås, Thor Head Engineer +47 480 89 725 Linux, VMware, Horizon, Ansible, SaltStack, TSD
Picture of Trond Høiseth Høiseth, Trond Senior Executive Officer +47-22854457 Admissions
Høiseth, Trond Senior Executive Officer +47 22854457 Admissions
Picture of Atle Høkeli Høkeli, Atle Section Manager +47-95107100 Management, Property management, Internal rent
Picture of Jocelyn Aban Ibanez Ibanez, Jocelyn Aban Cleaner +47 22859553 Cleaning
Picture of Younas Mohammad Ibrahim Ibrahim, Younas Mohammad Works Coordinator +47 22855007 Security, Alarm Systems
Picture of Scarlett Ihlen Ihlen, Scarlett Adviser +47 22856347 +47 95701885