Persons tagged with «Communication»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Diana Badi Badi, Diana Senior Adviser Strategy, Web editor, Communication, Web publishing, Training
Picture of Margareth Bentsen Bentsen, Margareth Senior Adviser +47-22854017 92234043 Media survey, Web publishing, Communication, Awards
Picture of Camilla Eidsten Evensen Evensen, Camilla Eidsten Senior Adviser +47-22856070 +47-90203552 Training, Web publishing, Communication, Web editor
Picture of Stein Roar Fredriksen Fredriksen, Stein Roar Director of Department +47-22858552 +47-99591959 Public relations, Speeches, Press, Presentations, Feature articles, Media contact, Communication
Picture of Marianne Knarud Knarud, Marianne Senior Adviser +47-22855962 97038103 97038103 Communication, Media contact, Speeches, Presentations, Press, Public relations
Picture of Elisabeth Josefine Lackner Lackner, Elisabeth Josefine Section Manager +47-22841134 +47-97734619 Recruitment of students, Communication
Picture of Terje Lynnebakken Lynnebakken, Terje Senior Adviser +47-22858607 Web publishing, Communication, Web editor
Picture of Lise Paulsrud Mjørlund Mjørlund, Lise Paulsrud Senior Adviser +47-22845668 +47-90252584 Communication, Press contact, Public relations, Speeches, Feature articles
Picture of Dina Norborg Norborg, Dina Adviser +47-22857714 Communication, Web publishing, Web editor
Picture of Kristin Storbæk Storbæk, Kristin Senior Adviser +47-22854030 +47-47652534 Events, Counselling, Marketing, Communication, Public relations
Picture of Bente Hennie Strandh Strandh, Bente Hennie Senior Adviser +47-22855445 +47-99225848 Communication, Events, Project management, Internal communication, Web publishing
Picture of Suzanne-Ann Stämpfli Stämpfli, Suzanne-Ann Senior Adviser +47-22858635 Web editor, Web publishing, Communication
Picture of Hege Svanes Svanes, Hege Senior Adviser +47-22854110 Web publishing, Communication
Picture of Elisabeth Høgset Todal Todal, Elisabeth Høgset Senior Adviser +47-90081079 Communication, Web editor, Web publishing, Internal communications