Persons tagged with «Management»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Ghazaleh Amini Amini, Ghazaleh Section Manager +47-22856071 Management, Counselling
Picture of Åke Appelqvist Appelqvist, Åke Assistant Director +47-97529236 Management
Picture of Karunakaran Arudpiragasam Arudpiragasam, Karunakaran Renholdsleder +47-22842209 97034528 Cleaning, Management
Picture of Stig Rune Backsæther Backsæther, Stig Rune Administrative Manager +47-22857536 +47-95194063 Security, Alarm Systems, Emergency preparedness, Management
Picture of Tommy Bergeli Bergeli, Tommy Administrative Manager +47-22857081 +47-90825008 90825008 Service Center, Management, Property services
Picture of Pål Fredrik Bugge Bugge, Pål Fredrik Administrative Manager +47-22851017 +47-97071715 Building maintenance, Management
Picture of Baljeet Kaur Chattha Chattha, Baljeet Kaur Renholdsleder +47-22845528 +47-97763182 Cleaning, Management
Picture of Kathe Dyrset Dyrset, Kathe Section Manager +47-46925365 Cleaning, Management
Picture of Grete Engen Engen, Grete Administrative Manager +47-95041489 +47-95041489 Management, Cleaning
Picture of Inger Ann S Faye Faye, Inger Ann S Head of Administration +47-22856049 +47-92630320 Management
Picture of Rune Greaker Greaker, Rune Administrative Manager +47-99168479 Building maintenance, Management
Picture of Steffen Hellesøe Hellesøe, Steffen Section Manager +47-95841237 Building maintenance, Management
Picture of Britt Amundsen  Hoel Hoel, Britt Amundsen Assistant director of Estates +47-22854499 +47-91368921 Management, Estate Management, Financial Management, Strategy, Procurement, HR, Communications
Picture of Jorun Hovind Hovind, Jorun Section Manager +47-95720862 Landscape, Projects, Management, Estate services
Picture of Kaj Richard Jensen Jensen, Kaj Richard Administrative Manager +47-22859554 +47-91547902 Building maintenance, Management
Picture of Leif Johnny Johannessen Johannessen, Leif Johnny Assistant Director +47-91555072 Management, Property management, Strategy, Property Development
Picture of Morten Langerud Langerud, Morten Section Manager +47-22844458 Management, Property management, Internal rent
Picture of Lise Larsen Larsen, Lise Administrative Manager +47-91737332 Management, Cleaning
Picture of Pål Linberg Linberg, Pål Section Manager +47-22858609 +47-92429852 Management
Picture of Ann-Christine Alderin Låtun Låtun, Ann-Christine Alderin Section Manager +47-22856241 +47-95199391 Reimbursements, Travel, Fee, Absence, Management, Salary
Picture of Eva Helene Mjelde Mjelde, Eva Helene Head of Administration +47-22855548 +47-90015585 Administration, Management, Strategy, Administrative management, Organizational development, Activity management, Financial management
Picture of Erik Munthe-Kaas Munthe-Kaas, Erik Assistant Director +47-99206503 Management, Financial control, Project management, Property development
Picture of Reidunn Terese Nielsen Nielsen, Reidunn Terese Financial Director +47-22857742 +47-41457902 Economics, Financial management, Management, Budget, Accounting
Picture of Marianne Nordby Nordby, Marianne Administrative Manager +47-22856233 +47-91690769 Management, Sick leave, Parental leave, NAV reimbursements
Picture of Berit Kolberg Rossiné Rossiné, Berit Kolberg Director of Department +47-90053926 Communication, Strategy, Management