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Staff members at the Department of Administrative Support (ADS) - Page 2

Persons 26 - 50 of 111
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Hilde Haug Haug, Hilde Senior Adviser +47 22858649 +47 90092163
Picture of Bjørn Egil Haugen Haugen, Bjørn Egil Senior Adviser +47 41577657 +47 41577657 Project management, Process support
Picture of Beth Karen Sofie Haugen-Welo Haugen-Welo, Beth Karen Sofie Senior Executive Officer +47 22856057 Salary payments
Picture of Lin Anett Haugsland Haugsland, Lin Anett On leave Administration, Project management, Internal audit
Picture of Birna Hauksdottir Hauksdottir, Birna Senior Adviser +47 22857031 +47 48051483 Application Management Financial reports, System development, Counselling, Oracle
Picture of Elisabeth Hegerstrøm Hegerstrøm, Elisabeth Higher Executive Officer +47 22857086
Picture of Per Kjell Heitmann Heitmann, Per Kjell Senior Adviser +47 22856393
Picture of Ina Høj Hinden Hinden, Ina Høj Senior Adviser +47 22856396 Support, Counselling, Web publishing, Training, ePhorte
Picture of Johan Hjemås Hjemås, Johan Senior Adviser +47 22856292
Picture of Are Holsted Holsted, Are Adviser +47 22844058 Reporting, Support, Archives, Counselling, ePhorte, Training
Picture of Jon Aksel Horgdal Horgdal, Jon Aksel Senior Executive Officer +47 22858389
Picture of Grete Olsen Husø Husø, Grete Olsen Senior Adviser +47 22857957 +47 93454057
Picture of Nina Jørgensrud Jørgensrud, Nina Adviser +47 22856160 Salary payments, Training, Control and Reconciliation Group, Reconciliation
Picture of James Hannington Kilenzi Kilenzi, James Hannington Senior Executive Officer +47 22856315 Salary payments
Picture of Nina Kjeldsrud Kjeldsrud, Nina Adviser +47 22855781 Salary payments
Picture of Thomas Kjensli Kjensli, Thomas Senior Adviser +47 22856116
Picture of Elisabeth Kolstad Kolstad, Elisabeth Section Manager +47-22856308 +47-95037291 Application management, Project management, Counselling, Oracle
Picture of Vigdis Kolstad Kolstad, Vigdis Senior Executive Officer +47 22855774 Salary payments
Picture of Camilla Kuhlman Kuhlman, Camilla Assisting Head of Office +47 22855531 +47 47261724 Project support; Process and project management; Financial management
Picture of Henning Kvalstad Kvalstad, Henning Senior Adviser +47 22858651 +47 93405756 Procurement
Picture of Jacob Magne Landsvik Landsvik, Jacob Magne Section Manager +47 22857094 +47 47902415
Picture of Kristin Lindley Lindley, Kristin Project Manager +47 22856004 +47 95165128 Project management, Analysis
Picture of Ingebjørg Lunde-Brevig Lunde-Brevig, Ingebjørg Higher Executive Officer +47 22856168 Sick leave, Mail room, Purchasing, Office support
Picture of Cecilie Løberg Løberg, Cecilie Adviser +47 22854772 +47 94841785 Parental leave, Counselling, NAV reimbursements
Picture of Marianne Løken Løken, Marianne Senior Adviser +47 22856137 +47 45451501