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Staff members at the Department of Administrative Support (ADS) - Page 3

Persons 51 - 75 of 111
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Ann-Christine Alderin Låtun Låtun, Ann-Christine Alderin Section Manager +47 22856241 +47 95199391 Reimbursements, Travel, Fee, Absence, Management, Salary
Picture of Murteza Mahmood Mahmood, Murteza Adviser +47 22856076 +4798631456
Picture of Alexander Marcussen Marcussen, Alexander Adviser +47 22856957
Mathisen, Ingeborg Brekke Adviser +47 22854475
Picture of Hanne Irene Medlicott Medlicott, Hanne Irene Adviser +47 22841487 +47 47669642
Picture of Koyote Millar Millar, Koyote Senior Adviser +47 22854238
Picture of Tone Morken Morken, Tone Senior Adviser +47 22856322 +47 95832712 Financial reports, Application management, Project management, Oracle, Counselling, Basware, System development
Picture of Torill Morken Morken, Torill Senior Adviser +47 22857012 Procurement, Purchase
Picture of Simon Mumtaz Mumtaz, Simon Senior Executive Officer +47 22858665 Salary payments
Picture of Silje Rørtveit Mundal Mundal, Silje Rørtveit Senior Adviser +47 22855964 +47 97159318 Activity management, Financial managment
Picture of Lars Myhrvold Myhrvold, Lars Administrative Manager +47 22854992 +47 92628110
Picture of Marthe Berit Mørck Mørck, Marthe Berit Senior Executive Officer +47-22840757 +47-97637306 Invoices, Finance, Accounts, Purchasing
Picture of Dag Roar Nielsen Nielsen, Dag Roar Senior Adviser +47 22857561 Financial management, Budget
Picture of Marianne Nordby Nordby, Marianne Administrative Manager +47 22856233 +47 91690769 Management, Sick leave, Parental leave, NAV reimbursements
Picture of Martin Berntzen Often Often, Martin Berntzen Senior Adviser +47 22856240 Taxes, Customs duties
Picture of Per Ask Opheim Opheim, Per Ask Higher Executive Officer +47 22856228 NAV reimbursements, Sick leave
Opsahl, Mari Adviser +47 22841486 +47 91357336
Picture of Asle Andre Audestad Orseth Orseth, Asle Andre Audestad Senior Adviser +47 97778096 Procurement, Counselling, Framework agreements
Picture of Jon Christian Ottersen Ottersen, Jon Christian Senior Adviser +47 22855963 +4795080817 Activity management, Financial managment
Picture of Bikramdeep Singh Pannu Pannu, Bikramdeep Singh Higher Executive Officer +47 22841489
Picture of Johannes Falk Paulsen Paulsen, Johannes Falk Assistant Director +47 22854057 +47 90687164 Strategy, Administrative IT systems, Corporate governance, Mangement, Corporate governance, Financial management, Strategy, Analysis
Picture of Nanett Remen Remen, Nanett Adviser +47 22857771 Reconciliation, Controlling, Reporting
Picture of Anne Lau Revil Revil, Anne Lau Adviser +47 22854472 Salary payments, Reconciliation, Web publishing, Control and Reconciliation Group, Internal audit
Picture of Tone Rogstadkjærnet Rogstadkjærnet, Tone Section Manager +47 22857669 +47 41479372
Picture of Maja Romic Romic, Maja Senior Adviser +47 22857958 +47 98624413