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Staff members at the Department of Administrative Support (ADS) - Page 4

Persons 76 - 100 of 116
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Anne Lau Revil Revil, Anne Lau Adviser +47 22854472 Salary payments, Reconciliation, Web publishing, Control and Reconciliation Group, Internal audit
Picture of Tone Rogstadkjærnet Rogstadkjærnet, Tone Section Manager +47 22857669 +47 41479372
Picture of Maja Romic Romic, Maja Senior Adviser +47 22857958 +47 98624413
Picture of Jan Rykken Rykken, Jan Senior Adviser +47 22858555 SAPUiO, HR system, Application management, Counselling, Salary
Picture of Nina Røisland Røisland, Nina Senior Adviser +47 22855744 +47 98076289
Picture of Magnus Otto Rønningen Rønningen, Magnus Otto Senior Adviser +47 22854170 Analysis, Corporate governance, Research policy, Awards, Research administration, Research results, Statistics
Picture of Sølvi Rønsåsbjørg Rønsåsbjørg, Sølvi Higher Executive Officer +47 22856220
Picture of Tori Norheim Sandlie Sandlie, Tori Norheim Assisting Head of Office +47 22856231 +47 92248272
Picture of Aina Sandvik Sandvik, Aina Senior Executive Officer +47 22841038 Sick leave, Long-term sick leave, Counselling, NAV reimbursements
Picture of Sugumaran Shanmugam Shanmugam, Sugumaran Adviser +47 22856216 +4795248771 Reporting, Salary, HR system, SAPUiO
Picture of Anita Siljuberg Siljuberg, Anita Senior Executive Officer +47 22856253
Picture of Rajeswary Sivakumaran Sivakumaran, Rajeswary Executive Officer +47 22841045 Travel, Reimbursements, Salary payments
Picture of Kjetil Sivertsen Sivertsen, Kjetil Senior Adviser +47 22845613 +47 97013008
Picture of Jon Petter Sjølund Sjølund, Jon Petter Senior Adviser +47 22857090 +47 95037336
Picture of Morten Erlend Skare Skare, Morten Erlend Adviser +47 22855344
Picture of Anne Skotte Skotte, Anne Adviser +47 22851345 Parental leave, Counselling
Picture of Lena Smolyakova Smolyakova, Lena Senior Adviser +47 22857790
Picture of Jon Arne Sneve Sneve, Jon Arne Adviser +47 22852783 +47 95020083 User support
Picture of Lars Solheim Solheim, Lars Senior Executive Officer +47 22855790 Accounts, External funding
Picture of Monica Sporsheim Sporsheim, Monica Adviser +47 22857904 Salary payments
Picture of Kari Stageberg Stageberg, Kari Adviser +47 22841031 Travel, Reimbursements, Advances
Picture of Siv Anita Stegen Stegen, Siv Anita Adviser +47 22854103 +47 92038909 Salary, Reporting, SAPUiO, HR system
Picture of Helene Jenssen Stockfleth Stockfleth, Helene Jenssen Senior Adviser +47 22855699 Finance, Financial management, Activity management, Budget, Reporting
Picture of Anne Strømvoll Strømvoll, Anne Adviser +47 22856319 Advances, Reimbursements, Travel
Picture of Berit Svendsen Svendsen, Berit Senior Adviser +47 22841051 +47 91831584