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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Anne Ingeborg Sørensen Sørensen, Anne Ingeborg Higher Executive Officer +47 22857058
Picture of Kjell-Gunnar Linde Thomsen Thomsen, Kjell-Gunnar Linde Senior Adviser +47 22856078 +47 98234666
Picture of Stein Thoresen Thoresen, Stein Senior Adviser +47 22856316 +47 98059710
Picture of Torbjørn Thue Thue, Torbjørn Higher Executive Officer +47 22856823 Salary payments
Picture of Brede Tarald Fannemel Trollsås Trollsås, Brede Tarald Fannemel Senior Adviser +47 22841035 +47 91604437 Project management, Counselling, Organisational development, Strategic HR, BOTT, Reporting, Salary negotiations
Picture of Ragnhild Sverdrup Tveitan Tveitan, Ragnhild Sverdrup Project Manager +47-22841027 +47-91132645 Management, Payroll, Regulations
Picture of Paul Tyskerud Tyskerud, Paul Senior Executive Officer +47 22841030 Reimbursements, Salary payments
Picture of Selvin Ustgård Ustgård, Selvin Adviser +47 22858346
Picture of Ranjalee Vijiyakumar Vijiyakumar, Ranjalee Higher Executive Officer +47 22841028 Salary payments
Picture of Erik Vollen Vollen, Erik Administrative Manager +47 22856288 +47 92667548
Picture of Geir Magnus Walderhaug Walderhaug, Geir Magnus Adviser +47 22844057 Training, Counselling, ePhorte, Archives
Picture of Heidi Wang Wang, Heidi Adviser +47 22857846 +47 48237080 Counselling, Application testing management, Project management, Basware, Application management, Oracle
Picture of Anne Cathrine Wiersholm Wiersholm, Anne Cathrine Senior Adviser +47 22854867 +47 90027567 Counselling, Financial reports, System development, Application management, Project management, Oracle
Picture of Ann-Christin Wold Wold, Ann-Christin Higher Executive Officer +47 22855997
Picture of Simon Ødegaard Ødegaard, Simon Adviser +47 22854009
Picture of Christin Øvstaas Øvstaas, Christin Senior Adviser +47 22855929 +47 41445397 Basware, Counselling, System development, Oracle, Application management