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Persons 151 - 175 of 241
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Zoran Obrenovic Obrenovic, Zoran Works Coordinator +47 22855998 Maintenance and Operations, Building maintenance
Picture of Crisaldo Ocana Ocana, Crisaldo Cleaner +47 22845686 Cleaning
Picture of Tom Olafsen Olafsen, Tom Works Coordinator +47 22851673 +47 97152721 Maintenance and Operations
Picture of Gunnar Olsen Olsen, Gunnar Works Coordinator Security
Olsen, Jan Erik Works Coordinator +47 22854692 +47 95211342 Maintenance and Operations
Picture of Steinar Olsen Olsen, Steinar Senior Engineer Building maintenance
Picture of Jovan Pantelic Pantelic, Jovan Works Technician +47 41213785 Building maintenance
Picture of Catharina E. Paulsen Paulsen, Catharina E. Higher Executive Officer +47 22854431 Copying, Printing, Layout
Picture of Trond Paulsen Paulsen, Trond Works Coordinator +47 22857930 +47 97084127 Maintenance and Operations
Picture of Camilla Storm Pedersen Pedersen, Camilla Storm Senior Executive Officer +47 92404609 Administrative support
Picture of Mona Pedersen Pedersen, Mona Adviser +47 95049099 +47 95049099 Property services, Events, Service Center
Poulova, Denisa Works Technician +47 97519181 Building maintenance
Picture of Trond Ramberg Ramberg, Trond Works Coordinator +47 22855007 Satefy Deputy, Security
Picture of Nadia Rashid Rashid, Nadia Executive Officer +47 22844106 Service Center, Property services
Picture of Chandani Ratnaweera Ratnaweera, Chandani Senior Architect +47 91832116 Project management
Picture of Brit Rolfsen Rolfsen, Brit Executive Officer +47 22854044 Switchboard, Service Center
Picture of Paola A Vieytes Rosati Rosati, Paola A Vieytes Cleaner +47 92243162 +47 92243162 Cleaning
Picture of Rasa Rønning Rønning, Rasa Senior Executive Officer +47 22856697 Property services, Service Center
Safiani, Naima Cleaner +47 22851813 Cleaning
Picture of Mesina James R Sagaute Sagaute, Mesina James R Works Coordinator +47 91140487 Maintenance and Operations
Picture of Bente Sandvik Sandvik, Bente Works Technician +47 22859913 Security
Picture of Murugathas Sanmugasundaram Sanmugasundaram, Murugathas Cleaner +47 22859553 Cleaning
Picture of Gabriel Santana Santana, Gabriel Cleaner +47 22859553 Cleaning
Picture of Hanne Olive Schjermann-Ulvin Schjermann-Ulvin, Hanne Olive Head Engineer +47 45519452 Maintenance and Operations
Serrano, Mora Fernando E Cleaner +47 22856400 Cleaning