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Persons 51 - 75 of 196
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Rune Eriksen Eriksen, Rune Works Technician +47 90924189 Building maintenance
Picture of Miguel Escobar Bustamante Escobar Bustamante, Miguel Administrative Manager +47 22859479 +47 90824081 Cleaning
Picture of Mehmet Eser Eser, Mehmet Senior Executive Officer +47 22851608 +47 97763186 Maintenance and Operations, Building maintenance
Picture of Roger Fagerås Fagerås, Roger Works Technician +47 41422210 Building maintenance
Picture of Joao  Ferreira Ferreira, Joao Works Technician - Operations Area Gaustad +47-97531602 Building maintenance
Framaas, Jan Tore Works Coordinator +47 22855007 Security
Picture of Edwin Froilan Lopez Gomez Gomez, Edwin Froilan Lopez Cleaner Cleaning
Picture of Mercedes Gonzalez Gonzalez, Mercedes Cleaner +47 22859553 Cleaning
Picture of Rune Greaker Greaker, Rune Administrative Manager +47 99168479 Building maintenance, Management
Grigaliunas, Mantas Works Coordinator +47 90745631 Building maintenance
Picture of Ann-Liz Johansen Grønli Grønli, Ann-Liz Johansen Administrative Manager +47 95772117
Picture of Tissa Upul A Gunasekara Gunasekara, Tissa Upul A Cleaner Cleaning
Habbachi, Abdel-Karim Works Technician +47 45457772 Building maintenance
Hajdarpasic, Orhan Renholdsleder +47 22851776 +47 92623024 Cleaning
Picture of Kim Tone Hansen Hansen, Kim Tone Works Coordinator +47 22857743 +47 97674578 Delivery service, Mail service
Picture of Torgeir Haug Haug, Torgeir Works Technician +47 22856202 +47 95845280 Delivery service, Mail service
Picture of Steffen Hellesøe Hellesøe, Steffen Section Manager +47 95841237 Building maintenance, Management
Picture of Trude Kristine Hetland Hetland, Trude Kristine Senior Executive Officer +47 22856674 Events, Property services, Service Center
Picture of Gunnar Hoel Hoel, Gunnar Works Coordinator +47 22851100 +47 91688800 Maintenance and Operations, Building maintenance
Holmestrand, Arild Hallèn Works Coordinator +47 22859938 +47 95721172 Security
Picture of Jan Hovde Hovde, Jan Works Coordinator +47 22845562 +47 97763180 Maintenance and Operations, Building maintenance
Picture of Metta Huke Huke, Metta Higher Executive Officer +47 22854874 Copying, Printing
Picture of Jocelyn Aban Ibanez Ibanez, Jocelyn Aban Cleaner +47 22859553 Cleaning
Picture of Younas Mohammad Ibrahim Ibrahim, Younas Mohammad Works Coordinator +47 22855007 Security, Alarm Systems
Jackuniene, Dalia Cleaner Cleaning