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Staff members at Cleaning (RENHOLD)

Persons 1 - 25 of 52
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Alfonzo Villon, Jorge Ivan Cleaner +47 22859553 Cleaning
Picture of I Made Armawa Armawa, I Made Cleaner Cleaning
Picture of Karunakaran Arudpiragasam Arudpiragasam, Karunakaran Renholdsleder +47 22842209 +4797034528 Cleaning, Management
Picture of Carolina Isabel Astroza Iglesias Astroza Iglesias, Carolina Isabel Cleaner +47 22845686 Cleaning
Picture of William Barabin Bendu Bendu, William Barabin Cleaner Cleaning
Picture of Michaux Longanga Bokuma Bokuma, Michaux Longanga Cleaner Cleaning
Picture of Bouarfa Bouzakraft Bouzakraft, Bouarfa Cleaner +47 22854362 Cleaning
Picture of Sylejman Bruka Bruka, Sylejman Administrative Manager +47 46925818 Cleaning
Picture of Emilia Patino Caravana Caravana, Emilia Patino Cleaner Cleaning
Picture of Luis Patricio Castro Villaroel Castro Villaroel, Luis Patricio Cleaner Cleaning
Picture of Baljeet Kaur Chattha Chattha, Baljeet Kaur Renholdsleder +47 22845528 +47 97763182 Cleaning, Management
Picture of Mhamed Dahhou Dahhou, Mhamed Cleaning
Picture of Mohamed Dahhou Dahhou, Mohamed Cleaner +47 22851813 Cleaning
Ditter, Gustav Adolf Cleaner +47 99558346 Cleaning
Picture of Kathe Dyrset Dyrset, Kathe Section Manager +47 46925365 Cleaning, Management
Picture of Kathirgamanathan Elayathamby Elayathamby, Kathirgamanathan Cleaning Coordinator +47 41930186 Cleaning, Satefy representative
En-Naoui, Naima Cleaner +47 22854362 Cleaning
Picture of Grete Engen Engen, Grete Administrative Manager +47 95041489 +47 95041489 +4795041489 Management, Cleaning
Picture of Miguel Escobar Bustamante Escobar Bustamante, Miguel Administrative Manager +47 22859479 +47 90824081 Cleaning
Picture of Edwin Froilan Gomez Lopez Gomez Lopez, Edwin Froilan Cleaner Cleaning
Picture of Mercedes Gonzalez Gonzalez, Mercedes Cleaner +47 22859553 Cleaning
Picture of Tissa Upul Agampodi Mendis Gunasekara Gunasekara, Tissa Upul Agampodi Mendis Cleaner Cleaning
Picture of Jocelyn Aban Ibanez Ibanez, Jocelyn Aban Cleaner +47 22859553 Cleaning
Jackuniene, Dalia Cleaner Cleaning
Picture of Jeyakanthan Jeyaseelan Jeyaseelan, Jeyakanthan Cleaner +47 22859553 Cleaning