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Staff members at Area Downtown Oslo (SENTRUM)

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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Marius Heimly Amundsen Amundsen, Marius Heimly Works Coordinator Operations and Maintenance, Building maintenance
Picture of Carlos Castellanos Castellanos, Carlos Works Technician +47 22859449 +47 92477330 Building maintenance, Maintenance and Operations
Picture of Rune Eriksen Eriksen, Rune Works Technician +47 90924189 Building maintenance
Picture of Ken Jansen Jansen, Ken Administrative Manager +47 22855793 +47 91178980 Maintenance and Operations, Building maintenance
Picture of Camille Helene Keskitalo-Wesenberg Keskitalo-Wesenberg, Camille Helene Executive Officer +47 22844113 +47 91648467 Building Maintenance, Support
Kristiansen, Ole Andreas Works Technician +47 22859711 Maintenance and Operations
Picture of Ole-Petter Larsen Larsen, Ole-Petter Works Technician +47 92433860 Building maintenance, Maintenance and Operations
Picture of Roland Lindenbeck Lindenbeck, Roland Head Engineer +47 40727646
Mathiessen, Geir Works Coordinator +47 95703429 Maintenance and Operations
Myhr, Ragnhild Works Technician Maintenance and Operations
Picture of Børre Myrbråten Myrbråten, Børre Works Coordinator +47 22859527 +47 48009656 Maintenance and Operations
Picture of Tom Olafsen Olafsen, Tom Works Coordinator +47 22851673 +47 97152721 Maintenance and Operations
Picture of Trond Paulsen Paulsen, Trond Works Coordinator +47 22857930 +47 97084127 Maintenance and Operations
Poulova, Denisa Works Technician +47 97519181 Building maintenance
Picture of Tore Sleperud Sleperud, Tore Works Technician +47 22855007 Building maintenance
Stang, Nicolay Jautesius Works Technician +47 91118149 Maintenance and Operations
Stoye, Christian Works Coordinator +47 46635433 Building maintenance
Picture of Terje Arild Toresen Toresen, Terje Arild Works Technician +47 22850517 Maintenance and Operations