Staff members at the Internal Administration Unit (EIR)

Persons 1 - 22 of 22
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Monica Lihus Ambrosen Ambrosen, Monica Lihus Senior Executive Officer +47-22856214 +47-45200606 Office support, Promotional items, Invoices, Purchasing, Events
Picture of Heidi Andresen Andresen, Heidi Higher Executive Officer +47-22854432 Office support, Events, Invoices, Prizes, Purchasing, Conferments
Picture of Steffen Torsteinsen Aune Aune, Steffen Torsteinsen Executive Officer 98493025 (22855270)
Picture of Henrik Arnold Borge Borge, Henrik Arnold Senior Executive Officer +47-22844053 Counselling, Archives, Courses, ePhorte, Mail room, Registry, Request for access to information, Records management, Support
Picture of Mette Børing Børing, Mette Senior Executive Officer +47-22854310 Purchasing, Absence, Reimbursements
Picture of Camilla Oulie Eskildsen Eskildsen, Camilla Oulie +47-22857377
Picture of Katrine Hjertner Faber Faber, Katrine Hjertner Senior Executive Officer +47-22856020 Accounts, Finance, Invoices, Purchasing
Picture of Inger Ann S Faye Faye, Inger Ann S Head of Administration +47-22856049 +47-92630320 Management
Picture of Sigrid Førland Førland, Sigrid Senior Executive Officer +47-22858169 Archives, Counselling, Records management, Registry, ePhorte, Mail room, Support, Request for access to information, Courses
Picture of Vilborg Halldis Isaksdottir Isaksdottir, Vilborg Halldis Senior Adviser +47-22844052 Archives, Request for access to information, ePhorte, Registry, Records management, Mail room
Picture of Kristin Kjølstad Kjølstad, Kristin Senior Executive Officer - Internal Administration Unit / Management Support Unit +47-22855796 Purchasing, Management support, Office support, Kindergarten admission, Apollon, EURAXESS
Picture of Tor-Audun Kræmer-Olsen Kræmer-Olsen, Tor-Audun Adviser +47-22858157 ePhorte, Records management, Request for access to information, Archives, Support, Mail room, Counselling, Registry, Courses
Picture of Simen Melby Lie Lie, Simen Melby Senior Executive Officer +47-22857792 Invoices, Finance, Accounts, Purchasing
Picture of Inger Anne Naterstad Naterstad, Inger Anne +47-22856371 +47-93451379
Picture of Tahseen Riaz Riaz, Tahseen Higher Executive Officer +47-22844309 Personnel administration
Picture of Vibeke Christine Riddervold Riddervold, Vibeke Christine Adviser +47-22856236 Personnel administration, Recruiting, Employment, Absence, Leave of absenceProblemveien
Picture of Liv Sandtveit Sandtveit, Liv Adviser +47-22854470 Employment, Personnel administration, Leave of absenceProblemveien, Absence, Recruiting
Picture of Kristin Skjøtskift Skjøtskift, Kristin Executive Officer 48226271 (22855270)
Picture of Mari Lillian Roser Skudal Skudal, Mari Lillian Roser On leave Accounts, Finance, Purchasing, Invoices
Picture of Helene Jenssen Stockfleth Stockfleth, Helene Jenssen Senior Adviser +47-22855699 +47-45231223 Finance, Financial management, Activity management, Budget, Reporting
Picture of Kristina Ökvist Ökvist, Kristina Senior Executive Officer +47-22854054 Personnel administration, Recruiting, Employment, Absence, Leave of absenceProblemveien
Picture of Erna Årsetøy Årsetøy, Erna Senior Adviser +47-22840108 Activity management, Financial management, Finance, Budget, Reporting, Analysis