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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Ellen Johanne Caesar Caesar, Ellen Johanne Director of Corporate Governance and Finance +47-22856064 +47-92423393 e.j.caesar@admin.uio.no Corporate governance, Financial management, Mangement, Strategy, Analysis
Picture of Gunnar Dick Dick, Gunnar Senior Adviser +47-22858671 +47-40454144 gunnar.dick@admin.uio.no
Picture of Kristin Hagstad Hagstad, Kristin Adviser +47-22856328 +47-95156968 kristin.hagstad@admin.uio.no
Picture of Sveinbjørn Hannesson Hannesson, Sveinbjørn Senior Adviser +47-22855961 sveinbjorn.hannesson@admin.uio.no Analysis, Reports
Picture of Per Kjell Heitmann Heitmann, Per Kjell Senior Adviser +47-22856393 p.k.heitmann@admin.uio.no
Picture of Stein Helgesen Helgesen, Stein Senior Adviser +47-22858348 +47-97140686 stein.helgesen@admin.uio.no
Picture of Svein Hullstein Hullstein, Svein Senior Adviser +47-22858464 +47-90868755 svein.hullstein@admin.uio.no International cooperation, Internationalization, The Guild
Picture of Scarlett Ihlen Ihlen, Scarlett Adviser +47-22856347 +47-95701885 scarlett.ihlen@admin.uio.no
Picture of Kristin Kjølstad Kjølstad, Kristin Senior Executive Officer - Internal Administration Unit / Management Support Unit +47-22855796 kristin.kjolstad@admin.uio.no Purchasing, Management support, Office support, Kindergarten admission, Apollon, EURAXESS
Picture of Marianne Løken Løken, Marianne Senior Adviser +47-22856137 +47-45451501 marianne.loken@admin.uio.no
Picture of Silje Rørtveit Mundal Mundal, Silje Rørtveit Senior Adviser +47-22855964 s.r.mundal@admin.uio.no Activity management, Financial managment
Picture of Jon Christian Ottersen Ottersen, Jon Christian Senior Adviser +47-22855963 j.c.ottersen@admin.uio.no Activity management, Financial managment
Picture of Johannes Falk Paulsen Paulsen, Johannes Falk Assistant Director +47-22854057 +47-90687164 j.f.paulsen@admin.uio.no Administrative IT systems, Corporate governance, Strategy
Picture of Pål Vegard Pettersen Pettersen, Pål Vegard Senior Adviser +47-22855968 +47-95835999 +47 958 35 999 p.v.pettersen@admin.uio.no Education policy, Research policy, Strategy
Picture of Lars Flønes Ravn Ravn, Lars Flønes Adviser +47-22856327 +47-40048545 l.f.ravn@admin.uio.no
Picture of Magnus Otto Rønningen Rønningen, Magnus Otto Senior Adviser +47-22854170 m.o.ronningen@admin.uio.no Analysis, Corporate governance, Research policy, Awards, Research administration, Research results, Statistics
Picture of Bente Hennie Strandh Strandh, Bente Hennie Senior Adviser +47-22855445 +47-99225848 b.h.strandh@admin.uio.no Events, Project management, Internal communication, Web publishing, Communication
Picture of Jan Thorsen Thorsen, Jan Senior Adviser +47-41573778 jan.thorsen@admin.uio.no
Picture of Maren Magnus Voll Voll, Maren Magnus Senior Adviser +47-22859778 +47-90200027 m.m.voll@admin.uio.no Legal counselling, Courses, Regulations, Internal audit, Protection of privacy, compliance, personvernombud, information security