A Study Day for postgraduates is organised by IMV's Nordic Music Research, Nordic Sounds.

This will feature presentations by PhD and postdoctoral staff from IMV, and will include a special guest lecture by Henrik Marstal, associate professor, Rhythmic Music Conservatory, Copenhagen, who will problematise the concept of Nordic Cool as a concept of inclusion, conviviality, and expulsion.


09:15-09:30  Introduction Stan Hawkins

09:30-11:00  Not Nordic Enough? Nordic Cool. As a Janus-Headed Strategy for Artistic Inclusion and Expulsion Henrik Marstal


11:00-11:15     Break 


11:15-12:00  Hearing Halden: A Case Against Nordic. Prison Exceptionalism Áine Mangaoang
12:00-12:45  Producing Intimate Sound: Siv Jakobsen’s. Nordic Mellow Emil Kraugerud
12:45-13:45     Lunch      

13:45-14:30  Echoes from the Past in the Sámi Yoik Stéphane Aubinet
14:30-15:15  Concerts Norway in the World. The World in Concerts Norway  Solveig Korum 

15:15-15:30     Break     

15:30-16:15  Crafting a Pop Climate Anthem: Audiovisual Aesthetics in Aurora’s “The Seed“(2019Tore Størvold
16:15-17:15    Roundtable Discussions.

Panel: Hallgjerd Aksnes, Stan Hawkins, Henrik Marstal, Áine Mangaoang and Tom Western 


All are welcome to attend this exciting event which will take place in Salen and be led by Professor Stan Hawkins


Stan Hawkins
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