Challenges to Democracy

Final General Conference by the Interdisciplinary Research Initiative “Democracy as Idea and Practice” (2008 – 2016) at University of Oslo

The general conference of Democracy as Idea and Practice – an interfacultary research program at the University of Oslo – brings together researchers focusing on different aspects of democracy. This year’s conference will be the final general conference of this program, and it will take place November 5-6, 2015, at the University of Oslo, Norway. The conference is inter-disciplinary, aimed primarily at researchers from the humanities, social sciences and law.

The academic program takes the format of two plenary sessions and several smaller and more focused workshops, all of which will be genuinely cross-disciplinary. Each of the plenary sessions will consist of one or several key note speakers addressing contemporary challenges to democratic governance and participation.

Through cross-disciplinary plenary sessions and workshops, the conference aims to enhance our understanding of different challenges to democracy and to create networks of scholars from different disciplines who are interested in this topic.

There is no registration fee, but please contact either Anders Ravik Jupskås (Academic Director of the Democracy Program) or one of the workshop organizers (see below) if you want to participate at the conference. The plenary sessions are free of charge and open to the public. Registration is not required.



Thursday 5 November:


Friday 6 November:



Workshops (Chairs):

  1. Constitutional Democracy: Executive-Legislative Relations under Parliamentarism (Bjørn Erik Rasch and Eivind Smith)
  2. Populism and Democracy (Anders Ravik Jupskås)
  3. Multilevel Governance (John Erik Fossum)
  4. Democratic Participation (Hilde Sandvik)
  5. Democracy and Institutional Change (Fredrik Engelstad)
  6. Crisis of Democratization and Ways Ahead (Olle Törnquist)
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