Democracy as Idea and Practice announces research funds

- a final round of research funds to interfacultary projects related to democratic practices and ideas for scholars at the University of Oslo

Deadline: 1 April 2015

Funds are given to various types of multi-disciplinary projects or research activities. A key objective is to stimulate cooperation across the units at the university, and each application should have managers or activities that involve scholars from at least two faculties. It is a condition that the application has a central focus on questions concerning democracy. The maximum amount for the application is 50 000 NOK.

You may apply for funding for various purposes, but applications with concrete plans for publication will be prioritized in case of competition between the applicants. Questions concerning democracy are naturally assumed to be central in the application.

Permanent employees at the University of Oslo researchers should be involved in the project, but PhD candidates can also be involved.


The application

The application should be a maximum of one-two pages in length, and it must contain information about the aim of the project, project leader(s) and other participants, as well as plans for publications or other results.

The application is sent electronically, as a pdf, to

The deadline is 1 April 2015, and the funds will be distributed by mid-April. Those who receive funds are expected to inform about the activity on the web pages of Democracy as Idea and Practice (events, articles, books).

For more information contact Coordinator of Democracy as Idea and Practice, Anders Ravik Jupskås

Published Feb. 12, 2015 12:41 PM - Last modified Mar. 6, 2015 5:02 PM