We conduct high quality, independent research and analysis on global health. We aim to contribute to evidence-based discussions and inform political processes that influence global health.

Political determinants of health


The Independent Panel on Global Governance for Health is an initiative from the University of Oslo, following the recommendations of The Lancet-University of Oslo Commission on Global Governance for Health (2014). The authors of the Commission Report concluded that people’s health are greatly affected by transnational activities (both public and private). They advocated therefore for a broader approach to global health by promoting the concept of global governance for health (and not solely of health) to include issues such as trade, extractive industry, the rise of new actors in global governance such as philanthropists, etc.  

Research topics

  • The relations between trade agreements and health;
  • The impact of extractive industry on health;
  • The World Bank’s reluctance to engage with human rights
  • Philanthrocapitalism
  • The political determinants of health inequities and Universal Health Coverage


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We have identified the following four objectives for the period 2018-2020:


  • Further develop concepts developed by Commission such as global governance for health & the political origins of health inequity.

Policy impact

  • Promote the use of these concepts in policy-making & promote an inter-sectoral approach to global health debates and problems.

Scientific collaboration

  • Create a network of researchers interested in global governance for health.

Young scholars

  • Encourage young scholars to engage with this emerging field of research and associate them to activities.

Activities for 2018-2020

The Panel will initiate a series of three annual conferences aiming to apply the Commission’s conceptual framework to prominent political issues. In 2018, the conference “The political determinants of health inequity and Universal Health Coverage” was held on 1-2 November . To follow-up on the conferences, the Panel will issue a publication containing selected papers from speakers.

In addition, the Panel will be represented in major international conferences to promote and further develop the Commission’s concepts.

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