Film screening: Pili

Screening of the film Pili, about the life of a marginalized, HIV-positive woman in rural Tanzania. The film is produced by Dr. Sophie Harman, from Queen Mary University London.

Illustration picture, Sophie Harman, Research gate

About the film

Pili lives in rural Tanzania, working in the fields for less than $1 a day to feed her two children and struggling to manage her HIV-positive status in secret.

When she is offered the chance to rent a sought-after market-stall, Pili is desperate to have it. But with only two days to get the deposit together, Pili is forced to make increasingly difficult decisions with ever-deepening consequences. How much will she risk to change her life?

Pili was awarded the audience-award for Best Film at Dinard British Film Festival.

Read more at the the movie's making-of blog.

Watch the trailer here.

The cast: real people, 65% HIV-positive

Pili's cast is not made of professional actors (with the exception of one), but of women living in rural Tanzania, working in the fields and often living with less than $1 a day. 65% of the cast are HIV-positive.Pili provides an opportunity for these marginalised women to tell their own story, in their own words, in their own language.

In addition, all of the locations are real. The production has the support of local Doctors and health professionals who allowed the crew to film in two different fully functioning HIV/AIDS care and treatment centres and two dispensaries, and to include health professionals as part of the cast.

All money made by the film will go back to the women and communities in which they live through a special Pili Fund.

Dr Sophie Harman, Queen Mary University London


Sophie Harman


Leanne Welham

Principal cast

Bello Rashid, Sekujua Rashid, Mwanaidi Omari Sefi, Sesilia Florian Kilimila, Siwazurio Mchuka, N'kwabi Elias Ng'andgasamala



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