Bouncing back? Domestic and international challenges to Brazilian development

What are Brazil's prospects for economic and political recovery?

Brazil is in the midst of a crisis characterized by severe economic recession and dwindling political legitimacy of several governmental actors and institutions. At the same time, its international surroundings are changing fast with Trump in the White House, a pro-active China and changing political scenarios in neighboring countries.

What are Brazil's prospects for economic and political recovery in this context? What are the domestic institutional and political conditions for it? How can key sectors, such as the oil and gas, contribute to this recovery?


Session 1 - moderator: Benedicte Bull (UiO)

Wither the Developmental State? Global and domestic conditions for Brazilian development strategies

  • Oliver Stuenkel (FGV) - Brazil in a new geopolitical context
  • Kathryn Hochstetler (LSE) - New challenges for the Brazilian developmental state
  • Antonio Botelho (IUPERJ/ UCAM) - Brazilian industrial policy for development – Achievements and failures

Session 2 - moderator: Harald Martinsen (BNCC)

Industrial policies in the oil & gas sector: Local institutions and global value chains

  • Gary Herrigel (University of Chicago) - Rethinking the role MNCs in global value chains
  • Yuri Kasahara (NIBR/ HiOA) - Local content and collaborative upgrading in the Brazilin oil and gas sector
  • Maurício Nascimento (Aker Solutions) - Collaboration in the O&G suppy chain: a view from the industry
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