Organization and management

Management, administration

Helge Jordheim - Academic director Kultrans.

Beate Trandem - Administrative coordinator.

Pia Lane - Project advisor for external funding until 30 September 2011.

Kirsti Sellevold - administrative coordinator until June 2009.


Management committee

Karen Gammelgaard - Professor, Department of Literature, Area Studies and European Languages (Faculty of Humanities). Leader Area 2: Foundational Texts.

Kristin Asdal - Professor, Centre for technology, innovation and culture (Faculty of Social Sciences). Leader Area 3: Nature and the Natural.

Anne Eriksen - Professor, Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages (Faculty of Humanities). Leader Area 4: Cultural Production: Aesthetics and Materiality.

Ingjerd Hoëm was the leader of Area 1 Migration, Identity and Language until December 2010.

Thomas Hylland Eriksen was the leader of Area 1 Mobility and Cultural Complexity in 2011.

Inger-Johanne Sand - Professor, Department of Public and International Law (Faculty of Law), leader of Area 5: Transnational Processes, Legitimacy and Values.

Katja Franko Aas and Cecilia Bailliet were in charge of Area 5 until December 2009.


Steering committee

Einar Lie - Leader (2011-13), Dean of Research at the Faculty of Humanities.

Mette Halskov Hansen - Leader (2009-2010), Faculty of Humanities.

Marit Melhuus - Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences

Jorunn Møller - Professor, Faculty of Education

Dag Michalsen (member 2012-213) - Professor, Faculty of Law

Inger-Johanne Sand (member 2009 - 15 January 2012), Faculty of Law.