Transnational Processes, Legitimacy and Values

Research area description valid for the period 2009-2010. Replaced by Law and politics in a global society in 2011.

Transnational processes comprise various elements flowing across national borders, such as migration, capital, technology, etc. They increasingly transform the relationship between the national, the local and the global and create new power structures and new relations.

Also the legal institution, as a national and unitary system, is challenged by the transnational flow and by the various transnational legal and normative processes. Some of the main questions within this topic are

  • What significance does transnationality have for governmental institutions and for the individual’s experience of belonging and identity?
  • What moral, ethical and legal norms emerge from the transnational processes (for example human rights, new social movements, the environmental movement, etc)?
  • What consequences does transnationality have for social processes of inclusion and exclusion? How do these processes affect different social groups (refugees, migrants, women, children)?
  • How do transnational processes create different forms of insecurity and uncertainty (for example environmental catastrophes, financial crises, transnational crime)?
  • What national measures can still regulate parts of the transnational, and vice versa?

The goal of this subsidiary topic is to create a cross-disciplinary network that will e.g. examine how legitimacy of the transnational is constituted and challenged through various normative, political and legal processes. In autumn 2009 the network will organize an international conference on cosmopolitanism, followed by the publication of a book based on the conference papers. The network will also arrange a series of seminars with national and international keynote speakers, where transnational values and legitimacy will be a central theme.







Inger Johanne Sand was in charge of this research area June - December 2010.



Leaders in 2009: Katja Franko Aas and Cecilia Bailliet.