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About us

The Life Science Growth House is UiO's innovation unit for life sciences, health and technology. The unit opened in February 2022. We will help researchers and students to mature early-stage ideas.

The Life Science Growth House in 88 seconds


We aim to promote a stronger innovation culture by giving leaders, researchers and students the knowledge and tools necessary for the further development of innovation ideas in the early stages.

We collaborate with the technology transfer office Inven2, industry clusters and incubators in order to exchange expertise throughout our innovation ecosystem. The goal is to put more knowledge from the research conducted at UiO to use.

Our innovation services are available to all life science environments at UiO, Oslo University Hospital and Akershus University Hospital. We are also UiOs contact point for businesses or others who want to collaborate with UiO within the field of life sciences.

Researchers and students can

  • receive tailored counselling, seed funding and support tools in order to mature their early-stage ideas 
  • attend our innovation hangouts, which is a meeting place for academia, hospitals and business, and other events
  • read more about our services and contact us for a first meeting

Business clusters, incubators and companies can

  • be partners or contribute with services
  • attend our innovation hangouts, which is a meeting place for academia, hospitals and business, and other events
  • contact us for collaboration

Leaders and employees in research administrative departments can

  • give us feedback on their own skills development needs within innovation
  • attend our events
  • contact us if they would like us to present our services for their unit

Vision and main strategic areas


We will challenge culture and thinking, foster new innovators and start-ups, and stimulate to the increased application of knowledge.

Main strategic areas with overall goals


We will provide knowledge and stimulate increased innovation activity among students and researchers.


We will promote a stronger innovation culture and strengthen the ability to innovate.

Collaboration and interaction

We will create dialogue and strengthen interdisciplinary collaboration, both internally and externally.

Business and society

We will open doors and build bridges between our knowledge environments and relevant partners.

Meeting places

We will develop and use meeting places where knowledge is shared and put to use.


Communication spans all the areas.


The Life Science Growth House is an equal collaboration between the Faculty of Medicine (MED) and the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (MN) at UiO.

MED is the host faculty, and the leader of the unit reports to the dean of MED. The board and dean of MED are the highest-ranking decision-making bodies of the unit.

The dean of MN is the leader of the advisory body for the leader of the unit. The advisory body has the following composition:

  • vice-rector for research and innovation –  Per Morten Sandset
  • dean of MN (leader of the advisory body) – Solveig Kristensen
  • dean of MED – Ivar Prydz Gladhaug
  • faculty director of MN – Jo Døhl
  • faculty director of MED – Hans Ragnar Mossin

Read the entire regulations for the Life Science Growth House in Norwegian (pdf).

UiO and UiO:Life Science supports the operation of the innovation unit.

Visiting address

Oslo Science Park
Gaustadalléen 21
N-0349 Oslo

Postal address

Oslo Science Park
Gaustadalléen 21
P.O. Box 69
N-0349 Oslo