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Innovation services for researchers and students

Do you have an innovation idea in life sciences, or are you wondering if you have an idea? If so, you have come to the right place to get advice and help.

Overview innovaton services: counselling, seed funding, meeting places, innovation mentor programme, student internship

We help researchers and students to mature early-stage ideas. We provide tailored counselling, seed funding, meeting places, innovation mentor programme, student internship and more. View a larger version of the image.

Open door with low-threshold services

The Life Science Growth House is an open door for students at the University of Oslo (UiO) and researchers at UiO, Oslo University Hospital or Akershus University Hospital; managers and administrative staff who support innovative researchers; and existing and new external partners in life sciences, health and technology.

Please read about our services below and then send an e-mail in Norwegian or English to Requests are read continually by our innovation advisers. They will normally get back to you within two working days. All employees in the growth house have a duty of confidentiality.

Tailored counselling

When you contact us, our innovation advisers will give you counselling based on your needs. For example, they can help you:

  • to assess the maturity and relevance of your idea, and whether counselling from mentors or others could be useful for the project; and to assess your thoughts on the way forward, and more
  • to decide whether your project could benefit from seed funding from us, and how this funding could be used
  • to decide whether you should apply for support from EU, for example EIT Health, the European life science network where UiO is member organisation; apply for admission to UiO:Life Science's innovation programme SPARK Norway; or apply for innovation grants from UiO
  • to decide whether you could benefit from collaborating with others within our innovation ecosystem. We will help you get in touch with relevant businesses and other actors that your project may benefit from.
  • to decide which of our meeting places, seminars and competence courses it could be useful for you to attend


Student funding

We can reimburse costs of up to NOK 10,000 for innovation activities for students.

Seed funding I – for researchers and students

Up to NOK 50,000 – may be used for, for example:

• consulting assistance • expenses for key experiments to move the idea forwards • the purchasing of services externally/internally for experiments/analyses, etc. • the purchasing of services and courses from partners within our innovation ecosystem • mentors (not mandatory), the Life Science Growth House will find a suitable mentor

Seed funding II – for researchers and students

Up to NOK 200,000 – may be used for, for example

• the services mentioned for seed funding I • mentor (mandatory), the Life Science Growth House will find a suitable mentor for you

Check our calls for seed funding for researchers and funding for students with application deadline 24 May 2022.

Innovation mentor programme for researchers

We believe that the development of innovation projects best takes place in collaboration with people who have knowledge, experience, and networks within your area. 

The Life Science Growth House will find a suitable mentor for you. You can get a mentor without being allocated seed funding.

Internship programme for students

Together with student associations, we facilitate meetings between students and companies that can offer summer jobs. In addition, we cover half the salary for a certain number of students in small and medium-sized companies.

Meeting places

We will arrange quarterly afternoon/evening innovation hangouts. This is an informal meeting place where students and researchers from UiO can interact with actors from the public sector, hospitals, companies, mentors, business clusters and incubators within our innovation ecosystem. We will provide inspirational talks, talks from role models, matchmaking, food and beverages, and mingling.

Other meeting places and courses are developed as needed.