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University of Oslo joins the European life science network EIT Health

EIT Health Scandinavia, part of one of the largest life science initiatives world-wide, is now expanding its network to include University of Oslo (UiO) as an associate partner.

UiO campus Blindern

Photo: Jarli & Jordan/UiO.

Nicolay Bérard-AndersenUniversity of Oslo’s membership will be coordinated by the newly established innovation unit at UiO, the Life Science Growth House which will be launched 17 February. 

– Our main task is to support researchers and students in developing their innovative ideas, and EIT Health will be a great addition facilitating this, says Nicolay Bérard-Andersen, senior innovation adviser, Life Science Growth House. 

Annika Szabo Portela– We are excited to expand the partnership to the capital of Norway and look forward to collaborating together with University of Oslo and the newly formed Life Science Growth House. Our new member will strengthen the EIT Health network within international and innovative research, from basic, translational, clinical research to applied research as well as the vibrant startup community in the Oslo area, says Annika Szabo Portela, Interim Managing Director EIT Health Scandinavia.

Startups affiliated with UiO can already now start applying to the wide variety of open calls to accelerate internationally, creating new business and accessing finance. Innovation calls relevant also to UiO researchers will be launched in April.

Collaborating with our partners in the innovation ecosystem in Oslo and with our new partners in the EIT community, we aim to develop new programmes within EIT Health. There is great value in joining this well-run and established initiative to foster new innovations and put research into use, says Nicolay Bérard-Andersen.

UiO’s vice-rector for research and innovation, Per Morten Sandset, is looking forward to seeing the results of the membership.  

Bildet kan inneholde: panne, smil, øyenbryn, halsbånd, kjole skjorte.– Oslo is at the epicentre of innovation in life sciences in Norway. 80 percent of the value creation is emerging from the Oslo area. With Norway’s first innovation district Oslo Science City, our new life science building and our ongoing work to strengthen the collaboration between actors in our innovation ecosystem, the timing is excellent for us to become an EIT Health member to keep the innovation momentum. 

The Life Science Building
The new innovation unit at UiO – the Life Science Growth House – will be an open door to researchers and students as well as industry in the new life science building, Norway’s largest building for research and education of approx. 100.000 sqm which is completed in 2026. The Growth House will be an important actor in the heart of Norway’s first innovation district Oslo Science City. Until the life science building is in place, the Growth House is located in the vibrant Oslo Science Park. Illustration: Ratio arkitekter/KVANT-1.

EIT Health and UiO

EIT Health - Together for healthy lives in Europe
EIT Health (part of EIT, European Institute of Innovation & Technology), is a vast, vibrant community of world leading health innovators backed by the European Union. Working across borders, our network connects approximately 150 world-class partner organisations, as well as entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs from the worlds of business, research, education and healthcare delivery. Our ambition is to enable people in Europe to live longer, healthier lives by transforming businesses and delivering new products and services that can progress healthcare in Europe and strengthen our economy.

University of Oslo (UiO) 
UiO is the highest internationally ranked university in Norway with a substantial contribution to research, innovation and education in Norway. With 27 000 students and 6000 employees UiO has 8 faculties, 2 museums and several centres. 

By Norunn Torheim and Christina Bergstrand
Published Jan. 26, 2022 8:10 AM - Last modified Jan. 26, 2022 8:14 AM