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PluRel - Religion in Pluralist Societies

PluRel is the designation for University of Oslo’s interfaculty research area on Religion in Pluralist Societies, operational from 2009 until 2017.

Throghout the ages faith and spirituality have put their mark upon and have themselves been marked by encounters, exchanges, and tensions between cultures. In today's world, religious change entails renegotiating a series of relations, practices, and values. PluRel aims to explore this field of changes in society, religion, and value traditions both in historical and contemporary perspectives. Giving a more precise definition of this field – we call it the PluRel field – is part of our research agenda.

Network leaders

As of June 2010, around 100 researchers on different levels of qualification have registered their research interests and projects in PluRel. These researchers are attached to six different faculties (Humanities, Theology, Law, Education, Social Sciences, and Medicine) and also to the University Cultural Museum. They choose for themselves different levels of engagement in PluRel. Many of them are connected to one of the some 20 research groups or projects making up the backbone of PluRel research.

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