Islamic Studies at UiO

An interdisciplinary research group in the field of Islamic Studies

As a research network on religion in pluralist societies PluRel has also stimulated interdisciplinary cooperation between scholars doing Islam-related research at UiO (and some other research insititutions). The research group "Studies in Islam" was established as a subgroup of PluRel's initial area 3 "Normativity and Secularity". It was the first interdisciplinary research group to be formed in the field of Islamic Studies at UiO.

The starting point was a seminar in April 2009 focusing on ongoing research on Islamism at UiO. The focus of the seminars for the period Fall 2009 - Spring 2010 was "Islam and secularity", in conjunction with the members' research and recent books and articles on this subject (see list of activities in Norwegian, under Arrangement, and bibliography). Themes in 2010-2011 included islam and integration, shiite Islam in Norway, and the relation between Islamism and Salafism (in Egypt and Norway).

The group is headed by Oddbjørn Leirvik (TF) and Bjørn Bjørn Olav Utvik (IKOS/HF).

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