Conflict, Media & Formatting of Religion

Religion has become a topical issue in International politics, in the media, in cultural conflicts, and related to migration. But how is religion changing - and how do these changes influence society and thought? How is religion formatted in the new social media? How is it influenced by legalization? And how can we deal with religious conflicts in the classroom?

Photo: Steve McCurry

A selection of international scholars at top level will give responses to these crucial issues from sociology, education, philosophy, media, law, theology, and religious studies. Scholars, teachers, journalists, students, and all others are invited to join the conference and listen or contribute to the discussion.

The conference takes place at the University Library of the University of Oslo. Please register below in order to get lunch and coffee during the conference. The number of particpants is limited, but the conference is free of charge.

You may choose to listen to the keynote lecture by Hans Joas (Thur 9:00 am) or the open lecture by Heiner Bielefeldt (Thur 6:15 pm) (NB! New time and place: University Library, Auditorium 1) or register for the whole conference.


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  • Hans Joas (Chicago/Berlin)
  • Heiner Bielefeldt (UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief)
  • Robert Jackson (Stockholm/Warwick)
  • Lisbet Christoffersen (Roskilde)
  • Stig Hjarvard (Copenhagen)
  • Torkel Brekke (Oslo)
  • Pamela Slotte (Helsinki)
  • Knut Lundby (Oslo)
  • Marie von der Lippe (Bergen)
  • Aakash Singh (Delhi)
  • Marius T. Mjaaland (Oslo) 
Published Mar. 7, 2016 4:27 PM - Last modified Apr. 14, 2016 3:20 PM