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PhD projects

PluRel has got five PhD fellows appointed by or incorporated into the network. Their projects constitue a central part of PluRel's research and is presented in detail below

PluRel has also established a wider PhD and Postdoctoral Group with additional participants doing religion-related research in different faculties. The purpose of this group is to offer PluRel members the opportunity to present their research and to receive qualified response from one specially invited respondent and from the rest of the group. More information here.

In addition, PluRel has a PhD colloqium consisting of ten to twelve PluRel-related PhD-fellows who meets monthly for discussion of relevant readings.

Three PhD-fellows were appointed by PluRel after an announcement in 2009:

  • Rosemarie van den Breemer (Faculty of Theology). Project title: Secularism Contextualized. A Comparative Analysis of Religious Governance in the Burial Domain in France, the Netherlands, and Norway > read more
  • Vebjørn Horsfjord (Faculty of Theology). Project title: A common word – a common language? A study of the dialogue process following A Common Word Between Us and You and the possibility of framing ethical discourse in a common – or secular – language > read more
  • Aike Peter Rots (Faculty of Humanities). Project title: Re-defining Shinto: Paradigms, Power, Plurality > read more

In addition, two PhD-fellows are affiliated to PluRel:

  • Elisabeth Teige (Faculty of Educational Sciences). Project title: Education for International Understanding 1946-1963. The role of education in the rebuilding of Europe after 1945 > read more
  • Helge Årsheim (Faculty of Theology). Project title: Legal forms of the Religious Life. Religion at the United Nations Treaty Bodies > read more

Frå hausten 2010 møtest dei PluRel-tilknytta stipendiatane regelmessig til eit kollokvium. Kollokviet konsenterer seg om teoretiske tekstar med relevans for religionsrelatert forsking.

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