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PluRel-related Research Projects

The following overview lists research projects with which PluRel has (had) a working relation. Most of these projects receive financial support from other sources than PluRel (several of them, from the Research Council of Norway). Some of the projects have been developed within the context of PluRel. All the projects have found it advantageous to render PluRel as part of their academic context, and some of them also have received seed money for hosting specific research activities.

The projects fall in three categories:

1) PluRel-projects, where PluRel has co-initiated the project though seed money.

2) Other PluRel-supported projects where PluRel has given additional financial support to projects that have (had) their main financial backing from the Research Council of Norway or other sources. 

3) Related projects, with which PluRel has had some kind of cooperation.

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