PluRel-supported projects

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Analyzes religion comparatively, with an emphasis on ritualization and the places and spaces of cultural, collective memory.

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Conducts research on protestant ideas and practices related to death as one of the main religious and cultural changes taking place in Early Modern Europe, with a new kind of fundamental religious and cultural plurality as the outcome.

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The Centre for Advanced Study project Local Dynamics of Globalization (LDG) investigates how local cultures in the pre-modern Levant adapted policies, trends, habits, and technologies that reached them through imperial and other globalizing channels, and also how local discourse fed back into trans-local dialogue.

The project is led by former PluRel director, Professor Terje Stordalen (Faculty of Theology).

See more information and abstract below. 

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Opens new ways in analysing how the sacred is generated in performances and used as an agent that shapes discourses and social practices which move beyond the horizon of performance arenas.

This project, in the form described below, was terminated in 2010. After the previous project was terminated, a new Network for aestetics, theology and natural sciences has been formed (information will follow, in Norwegian).

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Analyzes religious structures and practices in Denmark-Norway in the first 250 years after the Lutheran reform in the mid 1530’s.

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Differs from earlier research on meditation by its focus on practice rather than intellectual or socio-cultural backgrounds and by its comparative cross-cultural perspective.

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Explores the interaction between different religions (especially Buddhism) and societies in relation to the central issues of violence and militarism in multi-religious Asian societies.