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A list of PluRel-related books and reports.



  • Halvor Eifring (ed.): Meditation in Judaism, Christianity and Islam: Cultural histories, London; Bloomsbury 2013.
  • José Casanova, Rosemarie van den Breemer and Trygve Wylller (eds): Secular and Sacred? The Scandinavian Case of Religion in Human Rights, Law and Public Space. Göttingen: Vandenhoeck&Ruprecht 2013.
  • Knut Lundby (ed.): Religion Across Media: From Early Antiquity to Late Modernity. New York etc.: Peter Lang, 2013.
  • Cora Alexa Døving and Berit Thorbjørnsrud (eds.:) Religiøse ledere. Makt og avmakt i norske trossamfunn [Religious leaders. Power and powerlessness in Norwegian faith communities]. Oslo: Universitetsforslaget 2012.
  • Sindre Bangstad, Oddbjørn Leirvik and Ingvill Thorson Plesner (eds.): Sekularisme - med norske briller [Secularism - through Norwegian glasses]. Oslo: Unipub 2012.


  • Terje Stordalen and Saphinaz-Amal Naguib: The Formative Past and the Formation of the Future. Collective Remembering and Cultural Identity Formation (forthcoming, 2013).
  • Halvor Eifring (ed.): Meditation in the Eastern traditions [arbeidstittel]. University of Hawai'i Press (forthcoming 2013).


  • Helge Årsheim: Religionsbegrepet i norsk akademisk praksis - en PluRel-kartlegging [The notion of religion in Norwegian academic practice - a mapping]. Plurel: Oslo 2013.
  • Alexa Døving, Sidra Shami and Tore Lindholm: "Religious commitment and social integration: Are there significant links? A pilot study of Muslims in the Oslo area with a family background from Pakistan." Published as University of Oslo Faculty of Law Research Paper No. 2012-01.
  • Arne Bugge Amundsen & Henning Laugerud (red.): Religiøs tro og praksis i den dansk-norske helstat fra reformasjonen til opplysningstid ca. 1500-1814. Oslo: Unipub.


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