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Research news

  • Populism is dead! Long live the far right! June 18, 2019 11:41 AM

    The 2019 European elections are over, and, like every time, there are many more winners than losers. But there are also electoral winners, who are political losers, for now at least.

  • filming-mooc(1) Enhancing the quality of higher education globally June 17, 2019 12:47 PM

    Over 3000 participants from more than 150 countries have signed-up to follow the MOOC «How to Write a Ph.D. Research Proposal» after its launch. The MOOC is developed by the University of Oslo.

  • narratives-660 Nordic Narratives of International Law June 14, 2019 10:41 AM

    Is there a common ‘Nordic narrative’ of international law? Do Nordic policies overlap on international law approaches, and is there something distinctly Nordic? These were some of the issues discussed at the recent ReNEW-funded conference on ‘Nordic Narratives of International Law’ hosted at the University of Oslo.

  • nydalen-badeplass-visitoslo-didrickstenersen660x400 SUM is moving! June 11, 2019 3:20 PM

    We are packing our boxes and moving to Nydalen.

Research events

20 June
1:15 PM, Runde auditorium, Domus Medica, Sognsvannsveien 9
20 June
1:15 PM, Blått auditorium, Rikshospitalet
21 June
12:00 PM, The library, Domus Theologica, Blindernveien 9