Prof. David Wootton (University of York): Discovery, Fact, Theory: the Invention of Science

David Wootton is visiting the Science Studies Colloquium Series. Wootton is Anniversary Professor of History at the University of York. He works on the intellectual and cultural history of the English speaking countries, Italy, and France, 1500-1800.

The seminar is open for everyone!

Photo: David Wooton: twitter

This talk will defend the claim that science is a unique invention of 
Europe, and that it was invented in the seventeenth century.

The talk will address the intellectual preconditions for the emergence of what we 
call science, with a focus on discoveries, facts, and  theories. It will also discuss the institutional, social, and technological 
preconditions for science, with emphasiz on institutions such as universities and the printing press. Finally the talk will adrdess the question of whether science is a social construct, where Wootton will argue for a middle way between  social constructivism and positivism.​



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