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The Science Studies Colloquium (Forum for Vitenskapsteori) was established in 1979 at the University of Oslo, with the name ”The Seminar in Science Studies” (Seminaret for Vitenskapsteori). The establishment was part of a national commitment to strengthen science studies in Norway. Since its establishment, the Science Studies Colloquium has been an open arena for science studies of different forms and a rallying for Norwegian and international contributors within the field. The Colloquiums objective is to contribute to open and critical debate about science.

The Science Studies Colloquium wishes to stimulate activities within science studies, broadly understood.  The Science Studies Colloquium Series is committed to dissipation of all kinds of "research on research", including science policy, disciplinary and professional ethics, methodology, epistemology, history of science, philosophy of science, and sociology of science. Therefore, we announce founds for activities such as: hosting conferences, workshops, debates related to science studies, and journeys to conferences related to science studies etc. In addition, we can grant scholarships up to 30 000 NOK to master students, PhD students, and scientists with affiliation to the University of Oslo, who are writing their thesis, article, or project application within the field of science studies. Scholarship recipients will have access to the forum's network and expertise.

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Applications for smaller amounts can be evaluated continuously. Applications for larger amounts as well as scholarships to be considered at the board meeting must be sent to us by the regular application deadlines: 15th of November (for the fall semester), or 15th of May (for the spring semester). Questions about scholarships and application procedures should be addressed to the board secretary, Vemund Jernsletten. Requests for additional support may also be submitted to the Chairman of the board, Thomas Hansen.

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Forumet utlyser nå stipender, med søknadsfrist 20. november. Hjelp oss gjerne ved å spre informasjonen til personer dette kan være relevant for.

The Science Colloquium Series is announcing scholarships for this semester, with a deadline on the 20th of November. We appreciate help in spreading information to relevant persons.