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Strategic Advisory Board (SAB)

UiO:Life Science's first Strategic Advisory Board (SAB) was appointed 1 August 2019. The board will meet for the first time at the Oslo Life Science Conference in February 2020.


  1. Contribute to the UiO:Life Science`s research activity by evaluating and advising on the activities and by acting as scientific advisor for the director and board of UiO:Life Science.
  2. Assess existing study programs within life sciences and suggest pertinent actions for UiO:Life Science in promoting provident cross-disciplinary life science education at UiO.
  3. Evaluate innovation efforts in life sciences at UiO in general and within UiO:Life Science in particular.

Members 1 August 2019–31 July 2021

Sirpa Jalkanen

Professor of Immunology, Academician, Director of MediCity, University of Turku, Finland






Jari Koistinaho

Director of Neuroscience Center, Helsinki Institute of Life Science, University of Helsinki and Professor of Regenerative Medicine, University of Eastern Finland






Melissa Parker

Professor of Medical Anthropology, Department of Global Health and Development, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine





Laurence D. Hurst

Professor of Evolutionary Genetics and Director of the Milner Centre for Evolution Department of Biology and Biochemistry, The University of Bath





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