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Ethics and society

UiO:Life Science shall work with life sciences, ethics and society.

Text from the UiO strategy for life sciences approved by the University Board in 2014. “Life sciences, ethics and society” is one of six topics in the strategy. Read about the background for this topic; the other topics; introduction; vision and overview; and the overarching perspective – convergence and interdisciplinarity.

Specific strategic goals for the relationship to the social sciences

UiO will ...

  • develop mechanisms to enhance the academic dialogue on issues related to the life sciences across traditional boundaries between medical/natural sciences (MedNat) and humanities/social science (HumSam) disciplines
  • meet the considerable social challenges with a multidisciplinary approach that includes social science subjects and the humanities
  • make provision for financial incentives for projects involving research at the interface between biology and society
  • contribute to an evidence-based, ethically reflective social dialogue on real opportunities and new choices arising from the life sciences
  • develop UiO’s competence in ethics, economics and jurisprudence associated with biology and neuroscience, relevant for a sound and sustainable application of the life sciences in society


UiO will ...

  • arrange workshops with participants from the field of MedNat and HumSam to promote cross-cutting project development in the life sciences
  • consider separate incentive schemes to reinforce interfaculty research in the life sciences across traditional boundaries between MedNat and HumSam disciplines
  • enable research competence from HumSam environments to be included in applications for major external research funding allocations for the life sciences
  • use the social sciences actively in order to understand environment and social conditions as a cause of disease
  • contribute actively to public debate on key topics at the interface between society and the biological and medical base of the life sciences, and enable an informed and reflective social dialogue on these topics 
Published July 4, 2016 11:58 AM