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UiO:Life Science shall work with infrastructure.

Text from the UiO strategy for life sciences approved by the University Board in 2014. “Infrastructure” is one of six topics in the strategy. Read about the background for this topic; the other topics; introduction; vision and overview; and the overarching perspective – convergence and interdisciplinarity.

An important precondition for the success of the strategy presented here is an infrastructure that paves the way for the realization of our ambitions. This is particularly relevant for research infrastructure and buildings.

Specific strategic goals for infrastructure

Excellence in life sciences requires state-of-the-art infrastructure and exploitation of generically emerging technologies.

UiO will ...

  • erect a new life sciences building with modern premises that make provision for groundbreaking research and education with a large element of interdisciplinarity and convergence, and which will serve as a flagship for life sciences nationally
  • formulate principles for moving into the building which ensure full and immediate utilization of a new life sciences facility, including for chemistry and pharmacy in accordance with the chosen concept
  • develop a strategic organizational platform to optimize the use of a new life sciences facility
  • ensure that front-line technology is available and that technological expertise in life sciences is continually developed further, since the infrastructural possibilities and new academic issues represent a mutual challenge
  • exploit shared research infrastructure on a broad basis and cooperate regionally and internationally with regard to joint infrastructure and core facilities. Unnecessary duplication of infrastructure must be avoided, without thereby obstructing flexible utilization of smaller units
  • support life sciences research through strategic investments in infrastructure that benefit as many as possible of UiO’s researchers in the form of enhanced research quality
  • boost shared competence for the operation and use of research infrastructure in core facilities
  • enhance the competitiveness of the life sciences environment with regard to applications for external funding for research infrastructure (nationally and internationally)


UiO will ...

  • build robust core facilities for research and exploit the positive cooperation with OUS to coordinate the effort to establish core facilities with mutual access
  • participate in the competition for national and European infrastructure for life sciences through coordinated initiatives with OUS
  • cooperate with HSØ and the university hospitals with a view to establishing a national centre for particle therapy in the region
  • set aside areas for innovation, explorative development and meeting places with business in future infrastructure
Published July 4, 2016 11:59 AM