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UiO:Life Science shall promote innovation in the life sciences related to environment and health.

Text from the UiO strategy for life sciences approved by the University Board in 2014. “Promote innovation in the life sciences related to environment and health” is one of six topics in the strategy. Read about the background for this topic; the other topics; introduction; vision and overview; and the overarching perspective – convergence and interdisciplinarity.

Specific strategic goals for innovation

UiO will...

  • be a strategic and visible actor in the area of life sciences-based innovation
  • contribute to the realization of the innovation potential in the life sciences through interaction and convergence
  • train candidates in competences that are demanded by Norwegian businesses working with biotechnology and life sciences
  • build a stronger culture of innovation and a clearer awareness among students and researchers of the benefit their research brings to society
  • be active in an interplay between academia, the healthcare system and industry to promote innovation in the health sector
  • make provision for applying the life sciences over a broad area of application in accordance with the expanded definition of life sciences


UiO will ...

  • include perspectives and examples of innovation in its educational programmes in life sciences
  • make use of Inven2’s competence, with regard to both licensing and establishment of start-up companies, to stimulate enthusiasm for life-science research with commercial potential
  • enhance the range of courses on innovation and entrepreneurship in UiO’s educational life science programmes
  • strengthen technology scouting in collaboration with Inven2 to find and develop unrealized ideas in the field of life sciences
  • help innovation projects to reach further and not be terminated at too early a stage
  • be an active participant in business clusters, networks and startup environments to promote innovation and value creation based on UiO life sciences
  • use international research collaboration in life sciences as a springboard for innovation activity
  • increase the number of industry-related PhDs in the field of life sciences in collaboration with relevant industrial actors, and engage co-supervisors with competence in innovation and/or relevant connections with industry
  • enhance the visibility of the university’s research vis-à-vis life science-based industry through proactive development of contact points and channels
  • contribute actively to the establishment of a regional life sciences cluster with a role and mandate for UiO
  • strengthen innovation activity in life sciences by learning from other sectors and utilizing the competence developed outside the actual core areas of the life sciences
  • create culture that is open towards society, whereby the opportunities inherent in the life sciences are communicated, debated critically and developed responsibly in order to address key societal challenges 
Published July 4, 2016 11:59 AM