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UiO:Life Science shall strengthen quality and interaction in research.

Text from the UiO strategy for life sciences approved by the University Board in 2014. “Strengthen quality and interaction in research” is one of six topics in the strategy. Read about the background for this topic; the other topics; introduction; vision and overview; and the overarching perspective – convergence and interdisciplinarity.

Quality is a mandatory requirement for successful research. The purpose of attempting to integrate convergence in our ambitions for research is to strengthen quality, competitiveness and relevance.

Specific strategic goals for research

Outstanding research in the life sciences demands ...

  • interaction and synergy
    • between academically strong environments,
    • between environments with a variety of cutting-edge expertise across disciplinary borders, and
    • openness to interplay between research environments at different organizational levels
  • good strategic coordination of recruitment, laboratories and other infrastructure
  • competitive subject development in areas in which the pace of discoveries is particularly high


UiO will...

  • remove formal barriers and administrative structures which create unnecessary difficulties in conducting interdisciplinary life sciences research across units at UiO and vis-à-vis our partners
  • strengthen strategic interaction between academic leadership and the committee for infrastructure to help to ensure that allocations made by them reinforce the life sciences strategy
  • develop MLSUiO as a cross-faculty strategic research instrument to bolster a stronger convergence culture within life sciences research
  • earmark internal strategic funding for several cross-cutting projects that promote convergence
  • earmark internal strategic funding for the life sciences such that this enhances the likelihood of obtaining external funding
  • reinforce computational life science across institutions and through regional, national and international collaboration
  • promote international researcher mobility by both encouraging our researchers to travel to other countries, and facilitating visits to UiO from guest professors and senior researchers worldwide
  • strengthen research collaboration with relevant business sectors 
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