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SPARK Norway is UiO:Life Science´s innovation programme for health-related topics in the life science domain. The programme consists of mentoring, milestone-based funding and education to further develop your ideas. Uptake through annual open calls. The next application deadline is 11 November

News 3 February: Six new teams admitted

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Morten Egeberg


UiO:Life Science shall promote innovation for environment and health in the field of life sciences.

Videos and interviews with some of UiO's young innovative researchers

Simone Mester: Antibodies with long half-life give more efficient drugs   

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Gunnveig Grødeland: Influenza vaccine that can be rapidly produced to counter an emerging pandemic threat

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Jean-Luc Boulland: Restoration of a functional urinary bladder using cutting-edge technology

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Chief Scientific Officer at Vaccibody
Agnete B. Fredriksen:
From the lab to vaccines that fight cancer and infectious diseases

Chief Scientific Officer at Nextera
Geir Åge Løset:
Society benefits from better treatment of inflammatory diseases

Researcher at UiO and Oslo University Hospital 
Jan Terje Andersen:
Extends the lifespan of drugs
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Talks about innovation in life sciences

Innovation was the topic for several talks at the Oslo Life Science conference both in 2018, 2017 and 2016.