Funding of new convergence environments II 2018/2019

Welcome to the web page for the application process for funding of new convergence environments 2018/2019. Read the news about the results: Eight new convergence environments from dating across disciplines.

Present to this application process UiO:Life Science funded six convergence environments – interdisciplinary research groups that address major challenges within life sciences related to health and environment/sustainable growth. These were initiated after an application process in 2016/2017. We announced the second call in the autumn 2018, for converge environments II, that will start in 2019. 

On this web page applicants could find all the information about the four step application process.

Outline of the further process

Successful applicants are expected to start recruiting and fill positions in time to start the convergence environments by October 1 2019. 

Note that at least one position must be filled before December 31 2019. Failure to fulfill this requirement may result in withdrawal of funding.

Previous steps in the application process

Step 4. Application review – finalized March 20

In the beginning of January 2019 all 36 applications were sent to experts and then to review panel members 1 February. The panel met 11 and 12 March. See the review process and evaluation criteria – selection of experts and review panel members.

A decision on which applications to fund was be made by the UiO:Life Science Board March 20 2019. See the results of the application process.

Step 3. Submit full applications by December 31

Note that only researchers who had previously submitted a project proposal were eligible to submit a full application. Read the call carefully, fill out the project description template and complete the web form.

Step 2. Project proposals by October 1

You had to complete a web form with project details, including suggestions for experts and review panel members and a short project description by October 15. UiO:Life Science  received 41 project proposals. The proposals will not be subject to scientific evaluation; their main purpose is to give UiO:Life Science the overview needed to select experts and review panel members, and suggest a merge of related project ideas when appropriate. We will let the proposal submitters know when the form for the full application opens (approx. November 1), and also if there are other concerns regarding the proposal we would like to discuss.

Step 1. Workshops in September

It was mandatory to register a profile and to sign up for at least one workshop either September 5 or 20. At the workshops you could meet to discuss mutual interests and the potential for initiation of joint projects. The project profiles and ideas that are listed below were published to facilitate contact between researchers.