Call UiO:Life science convergence environments II

What are life sciences?

In the University of Oslo strategy we define life sciences as

  • all scientific disciplines studying the composition, structure and functions of living organisms
  • medicine and biology constitute the core, backed by chemistry, physics and mathematical subjects

This strategy also includes the social sciences and humanities when these

  • examine causal relationships between behaviour or consciousness and the biological foundation,
  • or analyse challenges arising in the encounter between the application of the life sciences and society’s values and priorities


Convergence in research and education entails a ground-breaking integration through extensive collaboration among researchers from different disciplines with the aim of creating new areas of knowledge, new applications and opportunities.


  • Perform excellent interdiciplinary science and research (“beyond state-of-the-art”).
  • Recruit, educate and develop talents
  • Promote innovation in the life sciences related to environment and health


About the funding 

  • Cluster funding with 3–4 PhD positions each. In exeptional cases one or two of the positions can be converted to post.doc positions, an action that has to be justified in the application.
  • The PhD candidates will be employed by the departments at UiO and will attend PhD programs at UiO.
  • The candidates can have a year of compulsory work funded by UiO:Life Science to be used strategically. If the candidates are expected to teach at the host department, the host department must cover the year of compulsory work and this will not be part of the funding from UiO:Life Science. 

  • Running expenses: Up to NOK 250 000 per position per year for costly experimental work. Expenses must be specified and justified in a few lines for each position. Up to NOK 250 000 per year for other activities for the convergence consortium. Expenses should promote convergence and must be specified and justified in a few lines. For particularly cost demanding projects, the limits can be concidered adjusted, please specify the needs clearly in the application.

  • The departments are expected to support the convergence environments.

UiO:Life Science will this time fund 5–6 convergence environments.

Published Aug. 9, 2018 8:23 AM - Last modified Oct. 31, 2018 8:32 AM