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Open call UiO:Life Science

UiO:Life Science supports projects at UiO that are in line with the UiO life science strategy for research, innovation and education with the aim of securing and strengthening international competitiveness in the life sciences. Open call applies to projects at UiO that are not eligible to apply for funding through the other UiO:Life Science funding opportunities.

An eligible project is characterized by the following:

  • Promotes convergence and interdisciplinarity
  • Governs life science activities at UiO in a larger perspective, not a single research group or a small constellation of researchers
  • Does not involve ordinary activities at a department, such as regular teaching
  • Can define a clear, long-term strategic aim with milestones and final outcome
  • Supplements and/or supports current life science activities at UiO
  • Plans to secure at least 25 % funding from own or other sources
  • Involves UiO:Life Science in running operations whenever suitable
  • Has a clear thought on why UiO:Life Science is the appropriate funding source for the project
  • Is not eligible to apply for funding through the other UiO:Life Science funding opportunities, including convergence environments.
  • Serves to promote UiO in general and UiO:Life Science in particular in published material and other outreach activities

Established life science researchers from medicine and natural sciences are well represented in our regular calls for research, innovation and education. The open call may represent an extra opportunity for researchers from humanities and social sciences, including law, to come up with new ideas and overarching issues to get involved in the life science initiative.

Please contact the UiO:Life Science administration on to initiate a dialogue about your idea before developing an application.

This call was revised 19 June 2019 to clarify the purpose of the call based on feedback at information meetings in May/June 2019 and applications that we have received since the open call was launched in October 2018. 

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