Biomakerspace: Call innovation grant life science students

Are you a Master’s student or a professional degree student in the life science domain at UiO with an innovative idea that you want to test out and build on in the lab? Why not apply for biomaker funding from UiO:Life Science? The application deadline was 15 August.

With this call, we wish to give innovative students within life sciences an opportunity to follow up on creative lab-related ideas they have developed during their studies.

The applicants' long-term goal could be to test a process, develop a product or a lead compound, or even to establish a company.

Successful applicants will receive up to 30 000 NOK for their project. We will fund 5–10 projects in this first pilot run.

Application process

  1. Submit application. Use the template and form below.
  2. Review. Selection of projects will be done by a review panel consisting of UiO:Life Science and external reviewers ultimo June (NB postponed to August).
  3. Funding of selected projects. The money received should cover extra operating expenses, including chemicals and/or equipment, when performing the experimental work. Applicants are obliged to participate in the accelerator program hosted by the student organization Insj UiO during fall 2019. Our partner Bayer will contribute with lectures on the industry's perspective.

Selection criteria

The proposed projects must

  1. Be within the life science domain
  2. Be performed in a “wetlab”
  3. Start in 2019 and finish within the timeframe of your degree
  4. Have an easily recognizable innovation aspect and incorporate clear, well-defined goals
  5. If relevant, not unduly interfere with or delay the work done for the master thesis
  6. Not be a part of the master thesis work. 
    The purpose of this call is not to support investigations that could have been financed by the host institution itself as part of a mandatory research project. The suggested project may, however, build on ideas and knowledge acquired from the master thesis project
  7. Must follow regular environment, health and safety standards and requirements in the lab

Additional requirements

  1. Applicants must work be Master students/professional degree students in one of the following departments/institutes* at UiO:
    1. Department of Biosciences
    2. School of Pharmacy
    3. Department of Chemistry
    4. Institute of Health and Society
    5. Institute of Basic Medical Sciences
    6. Institute of Clinical Medicine
  2. Applicants must get approval from their supervisor to apply and perform the project
  3. Applications can be submitted by single students or a team of two or more students

*This is a pilot run and therefore limited to these units. More units may be included in later calls.

The students who receive funding have to submit a short report after their project has ended, describing the outcome of their investigations and a budget summary.

News 17 October: Biomakerspace innovation grant to students who make solar cells from bacteria 


Students from UiO who will take part in the international competition in synthetic biology (iGEM) have received support from UiO:Life Sciences through the newly established biomakerspace grant. With this, the pilot phase of the biomakerspace is underway. The student accelerator Insj UiO and the pharmaceutical company Bayer will contribute with educational programmes for the students.

Published Apr. 26, 2019 8:19 AM - Last modified Nov. 7, 2019 10:36 AM