Provide summer research projects for a student in life science

UiO:Life Science will fund educational summer research projects for 40 students between April and September 2019 for students currently enrolled in a bachelor, master or relevant professional degree program at UiO. We now invite you suggest projects for one or two students. The application deadline is 1 February 2019.

Project leaders must hold a PhD degree and be employed at the University of Oslo, Oslo University Hospital (OUS) or Akershus University Hospital (Ahus).

Summer research projects should have an educational profile and give students hands-on experience with real-life research. The projects can be theoretical, practical (wet-lab) or computational, should address a societal challenge and, if possible, have an interdisciplinary perspective.

If we receive more project proposals than can be funded, there will be a categorized draw, ensuring a certain degree of variation and fair representation of disciplines. The result of the draw will be announced in mid-February.

Mandatory matchmaking seminar 5 March

The projects that are selected must participate with a poster in our matchmaking seminar on Tuesday 5 March 2019 at Blindern. Here you will meet the student applicants and next rate the students you consider eligible for your project.  The students will furthermore rate the projects. UiO:Life Science will eventually combine the ratings and assign students to all projects present at the seminar.

Students could apply from 15 January, and the first 100 to sign up will be admitted to the matchmaking seminar (this is now fully booked). In the end 40 students will be assigned to projects.

Stipend and expendables

Students will perform research under supervision integrated in a UiO, OUS or Ahus research group within life science for six weeks full-time equivalent and will receive a stipend of NOK 40 000 for this. The exact work plan will be up to you to decide upon in dialogue with the student assigned. 

Project leaders for wet-lab projects will receive NOK 10 000 for expendables from UiO:Life Science.

Closing event 15 October 

The students must provide a poster on the project and their own learning outcomes for the closing event on Tuesday 15 October 2019. In September the students will also be offered a seminar on scientific presentation techniques, including poster design.

Published Dec. 13, 2018 3:44 PM - Last modified Dec. 17, 2019 10:41 AM