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Apply for conference or other event support from UiO:Life Science

Academic employees and students at UiO can apply UiO:Life Science for funds for partially financing of events that are in line with the initiative's strategy. The first application deadline was 31 January 2017.

The application deadline has passed.

The events must support at least one of the six focus areas in UiO strategy for life sciences

- Strengthen quality and interaction in research
- Recruit, educate and develop talents
-Promote innovation in the life sciences related to environment and health
-Life sciences, ethics and society
- Interaction and internationalization
- Infrastructure

The purpose of the event support from UiO:Life Science is to stimulate interdisciplinary collaboration and support the initiative's six focus areas (see fact box).

– The support from UiO:Life Science should primarily be given to events which aims to promote greater cooperation across faculties. It will count positively that both MedNat- and HumSam environments are co-organizers and we encourage scientists within the health area as well as those within environmental life science research to apply, says the director of UiO:Life Science Finn-Eirik Johansen.

How can the support be used?

The support from UiO:Life Science may for example be used to hire a venue, filming of the event, refreshment or travel and accommodation for national or international speakers.

Please note that the initiative will not support regular departmental events in lieu of faculty or departmental funding.

When the university is one of several organizers

In cases where UiO is one of several organizers, employees at UiO must have real influence on the program and budget, and the UiO participation must be of a certain size. The other organizers must provide support in the same magnitude as UiO.

Visibility of support

The support from UiO:Life Science must be made visible on the event's website at Depending on the support's shape and size it could be appropriate to have the initiative's logo in some cases.

UiO:Life Science in turn will inform about the event in the event calendars and newsletters. Those who receive support, should document the event or what came out of it, for example through the filming of the actual event or writing about the event on within one month after the event has taken place.

Biannual announcements

The next application deadline will be 1st of June 2017, then every 6 months.

At each of the calls NOK 200 000 is available. Each applicant may receive a maximum of 50,000 and the contribution of the UiO:Life Science may not constitute more than half of the budget.

After the application deadline UiO:Life Science will evaluate the applications. All applicants will receive a response within one month after the application deadline.

Applications that received funding after the application deadline 31st of January

UiO:Life Science received 9 applications with a total amount of 420 000 NOK by the deadline 31th of January. The secretariat for the initiative rated the applications and distributed the 200 000 NOK that were available in this round. The board of UiO:Life Science has approved the ranking.

Applicant Department/centre Event Dates Granted
Anthony Mathelier Centre for Molecular Medicine Norway (NCMM) The Sven Furberg Seminars in Bioinformatics and Statistical Genomics Monthly from March to June 25000
Tone Tønjum Institute of Clinical Medicine Turning the tide of antimicrobial resistance – the 2nd Nordic TTA conference  27th–28th of April 50000
Heidi Beate Bentzen Centre for Medical Ethics, Institute of Health and Society and Norwegian Research Center for Computers and Law, Department of Private Law Conference on Nordic collaboration on data sharing, clinical trials and user participation in precision medicine 19th of May 50000
Andrea Winkler /Johanne Sundby Centre for Global Health, Institute of Health and Society Debate on health facts and health development May or June 20000
Helge Leander B. Jensen The Medical Student Research Program at the Faculty of Medicine Open event as a part of Frampeik –   the Research Conference for Medical and Dental Students  6th–8th of October (tentative) 25000
Anders Nielsen Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis (CEES), Department of Biosciences The Annual Meeting of the Scandinavian Pollination Ecologists 26th–29th of October 30000
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